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Impressive stuff. Eruption in Holuhraun could go on for years. PIC Ruv

Impressive stuff. Eruption in Holuhraun could go on for years. PIC Ruv

Just when things could not get worse, they get worse. Someone, somewhere decided Iceland could use a lot more tourists than it already has.

Team Total Iceland can attest to the fact that few things on this planet are as stunning to witness first-hand than a volcanic eruption. It is a movie one never tires of. And as luck would have it, it now looks as if the eruption in Holuhraun in Iceland could last for years. Which means that all those already packing for a quick trip need not make such haste. Rushmore it is not, more like Rushless.

Of course, no one can say for certain but judging from past experience the rifts now spewing forth lava are eerily similar to rifts that opened up not too far away at Krafla near Myvatn in 1975. Kröflueldar, meaning Fires of Krafla, only lasted for almost ten straight years until the final rift closed up in 1984. Back then, few foreigners paid much attention since no ash cloud shut down airspace and overall damage was negligible.

Thus, our advice to you good interested folks, is to breathe in with your noses for awhile. Let the scientists gather more data for a few more weeks and undoubtedly in due time the whole area will be opened up to some traffic. By that time it will be high winter over here which is precisely the best time to witness the eruption and the slow-moving lava sneaking its way through the ice and snow. Now, there is a sight to behold and that being off-season prices of tours and accommodation will be lower. Everybody wins.

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