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Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson was convicted of massive fraud as the head of the former Kaupthing bank of Iceland. Now you might be filling his coffers by staying in his hotels.

Iceland! It´s all the rage. Seems not a living thing you know has not been talking about the place recently. Justin Bieber, Susan Sarandon, Jon Bon Jovi, Channing Tatum. Even your abandoned plants are thinking of migrating asap.

Now, let us use this thing called brain for a few seconds now whilst we turn our attention away from Fox News Network. We´re taking a trip to Iceland. We have money to spend and time to spend it too. But where to spend it?

We could place our bets on five star places. Let us see now. ION hotel seems a great one if you want good stuff while staying near Thingvellir National Park. And what fantastic reviews this place gets in papers of record and TripAdvisor too. Let´s book a few nights.

Now, how about places whilst we explore the west of Iceland? Well, according to the internet of things the town of Stykkisholmur seems extremely nice. Jagged coast, nice church and cheap too. And since we´re in the country we should stay a teeny weeny bit country right? Then hotel Egilsen is god-damn fantastic. Or if that´s too fancy then a cosy almost-home-stay at Bænirogbraud?

Naw, that´s too rural for your taste. Let´s go for Budir hotel at Budir in Snaefellsnes. It is supposed to be this all inclusive shit and great reviews on TripAdvisor too. Let us book a couple of days and enjoy this place. Maybe even find some long-lost romance.

All good and dandy. In that order. But one tiny thing before you book the aforementioned hotels. You are doing a business with a criminal if you do.

His name in Icelandic is Hreiðar Már Sigurðsson, In English it would be Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson. He is behind bars as we speak, or you read as it happens, doing time for being one of seven bankers almost putting the tiny nation of Iceland off the map due to debt. One of the bankers responsible for thousands of local folks finding themselves broke at this very moment. Thousands of locals being unhappy for years seeing their families and livelihood going down the drain because Hreidar Mar and associates assured everyone things were just fine and dandy.

By all means, support this criminal by staying in any of his part owned hotels and guesthouses. He laughs in jail. gets out and laughs all the way to the bank again as if nothing ever happened. Now, that would hardly be fair now would it?