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The remote town of Bildudalur is way off the chart for most tourists. But should you venture into the Western fjords of Iceland a stop at the pop museum at Bildudalur will be something to talk about

T here is a lot of weird people in Iceland. Their weirdness is part of local folklore around the island and most often it is positive weirdness.

One individual considered weird by some and genius by others is the Icelandic Engilbert Humperdinck as we´d like to call him. Jon Kr. Olafsson, which lives in relative seclusion in the remote fisherman´s village of Bildudalur in the extreme west of Iceland, was to some degree one of the first superstars of Iceland. This guy sang a number of hits back in the day even if a number of those songs have little to recommend them today.

After the glory days faded away he traded local stardom for quiet life in this small former fishing village which also has seen better days although things are slowly getting better.

As is the case with Jon himself. He now operates his own little Pop Museum in his own apartment. A museum very well worth checking out if for nothing else than say hello to the friendly Mr. Olafsson.

Naturally, his museum only contains Icelandic music and artifacts from a bygone music era. But we suspect a question or two might get the owner rolling. And this guy knows stories like no other about the music industry on this barren island.

His museum, Melodíur minninganna, is found at Tjarnarbraut street. Don´t worry, you cannot but find it since Bildudalur is as tiny a village as they come. Open in summertime weekdays 13 to 18. If you happen to visit outside these hours just knock on the door.

Below is a sample of Mr.Olafsson most famous hit single should you be interested. In Icelandic should you be thrilled to learn some local stuff.