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The most powerful hot spring in Iceland keeps quite a low profile. PIC flickrde Chato

The most powerful hot spring in Iceland keeps quite a low profile. PIC flickrde Chato

You would be forgiven for not knowing diddly squat about the most powerful hot spring in the whole of Iceland. Uh, strike that. The most powerful in Europe.

The Deildartunguhver hot spring, another Icelandic name for you to ponder and mispronounce, spews forth almost 200 liters of 100°C hot water each and every second. Which might explain the fondness of the famous forefathers of Iceland to stick around here.

You see, Deildartunguhver spring is located in Reykholt in Borgarfjordur, near the place where author Snorri Sturluson made his home in the thirteenth century and naturally had the good sense to build a hot pool which is still visible today. Snorri was a smart fellow as one can easily see from this Wikipedia article. At Reykholt one can visit a cultural center dedicated to his works.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]the powerful hot spring itself might disappoint travelers[/blockquote]

However, the powerful hot spring itself, Deildartunguhver, might disappoint travelers. Unlike much more famous springs like those found at the Geysir area, this one does not blow its top at all. In fact, we know a number of tourists simply driving by without realizing it.

If you keep your eyes peeled you will notice the dense vapor coming from Deildartunguhver. It is located in a small settlement and should you not find it just ask the nearest person. Then just walk around and enjoy but be very, very careful. Hundred degree temperature will make serious damage to any limb.

Visiting Deildartunguhver is free of charge and is a great stop on a tour of Borgarfjordur. A number of tour agencies offer tours here and so do we if you don´t like to be herded around in large groups. More details here.

PS: Not to be confused with Borgarfjordur in the East of Iceland.

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