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Fish and plants are hardly found anymore in lake Lagarfljot in East of Iceland due to pollution from dam operations in the highlands. PIC vd1966

[dropcap style=”two” color=”grey” text=”W” /]hat locals in the East of Iceland have warned about for years is finally official. Dam operations in the highlands for the benefit of the glorious aluminum company Alcoa have so polluted lake Lagarfljot that fish and plants in the lake are dying out.

This is yet another example of damage done to nature in Iceland on account of what many refer to as green, renewable energy by harnessing the power of glacial rivers in Iceland.

Admittedly, jobs were created for the small village of Reydarfjordur in the aluminum smelter built there but one may ask if there is much sense in ruining nature for us to buy more iPads and other lame stuff.

One less reason to visit the East of this country.