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We told you it was fairly nice. The village of Hveragerdi in Iceland. PIC fjarlq

We told you it was fairly nice. The village of Hveragerdi in Iceland. PIC fjarlq

Fog is not unusual in the small town of Hveragerdi, literally Hot Spring Field, about 45 minutes south of the capital Reykjavik. Indeed, not just fog but unusual smell also. Don´t miss it.

Now, team Total Iceland being lovers of beautiful things we absolutely hate how this rather lovely place has decided to present itself to the world. The very first things you see approaching this town where you almost have to tiptoe around to not step into a bubbling and muddy hot spring, where there is abundance of flowers in rather lovely row of greenhouses, is a horrible gas station and a horrible local shopping mall. Almost horrible enough to turn any decent human being away.

But Hveragerdi village is actually very nice on the Iceland scale of things. But you will have to spend a few days to find out. In any case, the fog we mentioned is not fog at all but steam from the hot springs found in and around this place. And the smell? Well, that is hydrogen sulfide coming from the ground too. Not too healthy maybe but you´ll live.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]the fog is not fog at all[/blockquote]

When you have two lemons you make lemonade and this town has a monstrous amount of hot boiling water just underneath it all. Naturally, you use this hot thermal steam and water to warm stuff. This is why you´ll find quite a number of greenhouses located here; it is so very cheap to heat up.

But what we want you to do is head straight to Breidumork road and find a small restaurant there. Kjot og Kunst, Meat and Art, is located here and this is the only restaurant in Iceland where your food, all of it, is not cooked by any conventional means. It is cooked entirely by steam rising straight from the earth. If the place is not too crowded the chef and owner will be glad to show you the works.

Total Iceland highly recommends this place. Although it must be mentioned this is way too popular stop for large tourist groups so make a reservation in advance.

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