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Not pretty but remember the beauty and the beast? PIC mries!

Not pretty but remember the beauty and the beast? PIC mries!

I f you scream your lungs out while suddenly happening upon the fifteen meter high giant rock formation standing along the coast of Vatnsnes peninsula in Iceland you would be forgiven. And then probably rushed to hospital as lungs are pretty irreplaceable.

Now, in reality happening upon this rock in particular by accident is not very likely unless you absolutely love taking a walk in darkness on any foreign coast you find.

this is no ordinary slab of rock

What is quite remarkable about this slab of rock, named Hvitserkur, is the fact that it is the only one around. A feat of geology perhaps? Or is the reason rather more horrible?

Turns out, according to old Icelandic legends, this is no ordinary slab of rock but rather the petrified remains of a giant troll. According to the story the troll got angry when the church bells of a small church in the next bay disturbed its sleep. Enraged it waded straight into the ocean and almost got the whole way across before the first rays of the sun appeared and turned to troll into stone.

And there it stands all by its lonesome apart from the flocks of birds nesting here whenever possible. Depending on the tides it is possible to walk up to it. At the very least this is a great place for a Kodak moment if you are in the neighborhood. This place is roughly 30 kilometers from the Ring Road and clearly marked.

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