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Sunny Reykjavik Iceland but you might not think so. PIC Ophelia photos

Sunny Reykjavik Iceland but you might not think so. PIC Ophelia photos

S ince the whole staff of Total Iceland is Iceland born and bred we always have a hard time getting the sense of how foreigners see this island of ours.

Imagine our surprise while guiding a rich couple from New York visited Reykjavik city on the warmest summer´s day recently only to hear the well dressed New Yorkers complain the weather was just like New York in November. The deduction is not quite correct but not far off either.

Truth be told, one does not have to spend too much time in downtown Reykjavik Iceland to realize that what is considered hot by locals does not fall under the same category for tourists from most other countries. And since 99 percent of people downtown these days are tourists it is rather easy to spot locals; they dress kinda like idiots. You´ll know it´s a local because no foreigner sports shorts when the thermometer shows 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. Which is considered fine here if the sun is breaking through and winds not blowing.

But it might give someone out there contemplating a trip to these shores a reason to pack rather more warmer clothes than not. Not least on account of winds for even if the temperature reaches 20º degrees, which happens on the best of days, wind chill is almost always a factor. It will feel like a lot less.

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