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The logo of the newly formed local airline flying direct to the North of Iceland

S ure, Reykjavik city, the Blue lagoon, the Golden Circle. All nice and dandy places to visit on a weekend trip to the capital of Iceland. But that also means you won´t get a whiff of what other parts of this awesome island have to offer. Unless you bookmark a brand new local airline called Niceair.

Admittedly, the name is corny as f##k but there is actually a reason for the name. Niceair does not really stand for something nice in the air, although that is probably the goal too. It really stands for North Iceland Air. This totally local airline with all of one Airbus plane in service from June 2022 onward will take you from certain spots in Europe directly to the fabulous North of this beautiful country of ours for a competitive price.

Does the North of Iceland offer anything special?

Hmmm! Let us think for half a second…

The vivid and unique Myvatn lake comes to mind. Baking bread in the earth is sure to impress some folks too. As does planting your weary body into underground hot springs. It has probably the best skiing in the country, decent town in Akureyri with a good theater and very decent services for a small place. Let us not forget the whale-watching capital of Iceland in Husavik which is also the setting for the rather good Will Ferrell Eurovision movie. No woman or man is complete until one visits Dettifoss waterfall and Asbyrgi national park. Oh, and we almost forgot the Blue lagoon second edition and unlimited options for the beautiful outdoors.

Yup, it´s worth it thousandfold 🙂

Niceair has, at the moment of writing, not officially opened for sales but the destinations are presumed to be in the UK, France and possibly Germany. Sales will commence in a month or so from now.

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