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Killing the polar bears in Iceland

By November 26, 2014October 16th, 2021No Comments
Once in awhile a polar bear floats all the way to Iceland. That is a death sentence. PIC Valerie

Once in awhile a polar bear float all the way to Iceland. That is a death sentence. PIC Valerie

Things are tough all over for the polar bear. Its hunting grounds melting faster than a snowball in hell and like many other species their numbers dwindling fast. Icelanders do their bit also by instantly killing any unlucky animal happening upon the shores here.

Once in awhile we do get inquires about the best spots to see polar bears in Iceland. Not to sound arrogant but five seconds on Wikipedia should suffice to know that there are no polar bears in Iceland and never have been. Not even in zoo´s as there are no zoo´s in the country apart from a couple of children´s parks with mostly domesticated animals on show.

In fact, locals are so afraid of polar bears that the ones that actually float here on icebergs from Greenland, as seldom happens, are killed a.s.a.p. Mere rumor about a polar bear landfall has large groups of hunters from all over the country going to the scene in milliseconds. The last three ones arriving in the last five years or so have been killed in less than 24 hours in spite of coming ashore in remote places. Coming here is a death sentence to these poor creatures hungry after days and weeks on some block of ice in the middle of the ocean.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Iceland is a death sentence for any polar bear[/blockquote]

Which is sad. Floating to here from Greenland is no mean feat and can take days and even weeks during which time the bear has no water, no food and naturally nowhere to go. Those that make it are starved and weak and offer little resistance to groups of men with high-powered riffles. No serious efforts are made to catch them and bring to safety in one way or another.

Which says a lot about this nation does it not?

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