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This guy not waiting for Godot but the Lagarfljot river monster. PIC Ernie Trölf

This guy not waiting for Godot but the Lagarfljot river monster. PIC Ernie Trölf

I n the area known as Fljotsdalsherad, say that out loud, in Iceland not a generation has grown up without hearing the large tales of the Lagarfljot river monster. Wikipedia actually wants to call this monster a simple worm which is nothing short of a humongous disrespect. But what do they know anyway 🙂

This monster is effectively the Loch Ness monster of Iceland and equally hard to spot or prove the existence of as its Scottish counterpart. Although it must be pointed out that no serious efforts of any kind have been made to locate the Lagarfljot monster unlike what has been tried for decades in Scotland. Also it must be taken into account that this information comes from the very same nation that confesses believe in trolls and elves.

This monster of ours has been known since early 13th century when the first known sightings were recorded. On and off since then there have been stories and quite a lot of people have mysteriously drowned crossing the river at a relatively safe place in years past. The creature itself it said to be over 90 meters long and have a row of humps along its back. Some suggest this creature has made landfall once in awhile to rest.

Below you´ll find the only recent footage of what could possibly be this gigantic monster but there is a good reason why it has mostly stayed out of sight for centuries. The Lagarfljot river is a glacial river and silt makes it extremely muddy. It is impossible to see anything below even with the finest equipment.

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