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While most airlines advertise their flights to Reykjavik that is not the case. PIC Colin Campbell

While most airlines advertise their flights to Reykjavik that is not the case. PIC Colin Campbell

T eam Total Iceland gets constant questions about prices from Reykjavik airport into the center of the city. This a consequence of most all airlines advertising flights to Iceland as flights to the capital city. Problem is, that is not the case.

This is an old airline trick perfected by Ryanair back in the day and promptly copied by Icelandic tourism officials. As a matter of fact, apart from one airline from Faroe Islands once in awhile, every airline flying to the country sets down in Keflavik airport. Not Reykjavik airport. And there is a difference.

The difference is 45 minutes give or take. That is the time it takes to get from Keflavik airport into Reykjavik city and vice-versa. Which explains the exorbitant price for a taxi into the city. We know of folks, not doing their homework beforehand, hailing a cab from Keflavik airport thinking they were only minutes away from the center of Reykjavik. The 190$ fare was a major surprise.

So here are the facts:

  • One way trip from Keflavik airport to center of Reykjavik will take anywhere from 40 to 50 minutes depending on traffic and type of vehicle.
  • One way price per person by flybus coach is around 3.900 ISK (29$ / 26€.) The price has risen 80% in a couple of years. Taxi price one way is roughly around 19.000 – 26.000 ISK bags included and tips not necessary.
  • If thinking of renting a vehicle it would make sense to do so right away at the Keflavik airport unless you are looking for a special deal. Special deals here are found as often as Christmas comes around so don´t hold your breath.
  • Certain tour operators offer rides to and from the airport as part of a package tour. Contact us for details

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