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Nope. No McDonalds in Iceland but an awful lot of other fast food joints everywhere. PIC Helgi Hall

Amazing number of tourists to Iceland roll over with surprise when they learn there is absolutely no McDonalds restaurant in the whole country.

Their surprise is always surprising since one of the superduper things about travelling is to try the local stuff and not just head to the nearest thing you know. In that case you might as well stay at home and take in the Travel Channel.

However, McDonalds used to have two outlets here in Reykjavik and Kopavogur. With the dying economy after the banking crash of 2008 the business was far from adequate for the European bosses of the joint and soon thereafter it closed its business in Iceland.

The lack of McDonalds here has not changed the fact the Icelanders on average are getting fatter and fatter and the population as a whole is amongst the  fattest on the planet.