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The only “real” shopping street in Iceland is Laugavegur. Many stores here entice with products being Icelandic when they are not

Take a walk down Laugavegur shopping street in downtown Reykjavik in Iceland and you will soon be overwhelmed by the number of stores primarily focused on selling foreigners some expensive stuff.

The products on offer in these stores are often very fine and tempting to buy and most are advertised as an Icelandic products. Which is mostly a lie in case you were wondering.

The truth is that there are no laws regarding how a product should be labelled and thus most of the stuff you see in the stores and is sold as the genuine Icelandic article is more or less just Asian-made mass production.

All of the big Icelandic outdoor clothing labels; 66 North, Cintamani, IceWear and others make a lot of noise about being Icelandic. About the clothes being made by locals to deal with all the bullshit the gods of winds throw this way. The reality is quite different and you have been warned.