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A round trip in the Snaefellsnes peninsula will sooner or later take you to Olafsvik village but there is little to see and less to do. PIC jonathanpercy

E ven if the fishing village of Olafsvik, Bay of Olafur, was nice or beautiful it would still lose out to surrounding nature. Located in the shadows of one of the most recognizable symbol of Icland, the Snaefellsjokull glacier, Olafsvik will never be more than a sideshow. A very forgettable sideshow.

That is very understandable when you consider that Olafsvik is and always has been a village of fishermen where what matters is catching fish rather than making visitors feel welcome or keeping the place nice and dandy.

For those intent on staying here a night or two there is a small golf course located here and naturally a heated swimming pool as in most towns in the country.

As for interesting sights these are more limited than the brain cells in Boris Johnson. A few nice waterfalls are found close by. Especially nice is Baejarfoss waterfall in the eastern part of town. This waterfall is visible from most parts of town and thus easy to find. Five minute leisurely walk well get you to the base.

The church of Olafsvik is nice and unique and worth a look inside. Do not be afraid to ask if closed and most likely the local priest will be glad to help out.

Also worth a quick peek is Pakkhusid, the Old Packing building, at Olafsbraut road. This is a museum of former times. Not horribly exciting but should you have an ounce of interest in the history of this basic town this is stop number one. Coffee and cakes usually available and also a small store offering local artifacts. Only open in summertime. Located here also is the official tourism office of the town.

For sleeping there is the either choice of camping or taking refuge in Hotel Olafsvik. The hotel too is only open during high season. Thus in wintertime you will have to go elsewhere to stay. The hotel has been renovated but looks run down and unappealing but it has a decent restaurant.

DE FACTO » Olafsvik was the very first village in Iceland to receive a commercial license from the then ruler of Iceland, the king of Denmark.

GETTING HERE » Buses go here from Reykjavik and Borgarnes every day. The other option is a rental car.

OUR HUMBLE OPINION » This is a drive-thru village if there ever was one. Little to see and less to do. Go elsewhere.

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