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Stunning views from a stunning tower but sadly closed over New Years Eve. PIC IceNineJon

Stunning views from a stunning tower but sadly closed over New Years Eve. PIC IceNineJon

T he absolute best viewing platform in Reykjavik city on New Years Eve without going out of your way is without any doubt the square in front of the iconic Hallgrimskirkja church on Skolavordustigur road.

Weather permitting local residents start to gather by the statue of Leif the Lucky, right in front of the church, well before midnight on New Year´s Eve. The majority will be drunk with pleasure and a little bit drunk from wine as well but the atmosphere is most often one of fun and enjoyment no matter who takes part.

Fireworks start lighting up all around at about 23:20 and continue non-stop for the next half an hour or so and at the stroke of midnight hugs and kisses are the currency of choice. Be aware over-crazed loonies do launch fireworks into the sky far into the night which is a blatant disregard for local myth and customs.

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Admittedly, the square is far from being as good for sights as from the top of the church tower but sadly, authorities have not seen a reason to open the tower during New Years Eve yet. Hallgrimskirkja is open during daytime though from 9 to 17 and gives precious views all around the city for a small price of 1000 ISK.

Should the square not be to your liking you could hurry to Perlan viewing platform. Unlike Hallgrimskirkja this place, while pretty high up, is wide open in every direction and to any blowing winds as well but gives a better overall view across most of the city whole peninsula. But you will find few, if  any, locals partying and enjoying the hour. This is pretty much only tourists nowadays.

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Sjá Hallgrimskirkja church á stærra korti