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The name is not very inviting perhaps but the nature here is. PIC Saylea

The name is not very inviting perhaps but the nature here is. PIC Saylea

O ne thing trekkers need to keep in mind when visiting Iceland is that the WHOLE country is stunning and there is really no need to travel far to experience nature at its very best.

Sure, you could spend days trekking the highland along with thousands of others or you could just get away 40 minutes from Reykjavik capital and be on you way through a famous local trekking route known as Legbreaker.

Don´t let the name put you off. Icelanders are famously sarcastic and this is actually a relatively easy walking route but in mostly untouched area of pure beauty. The name derives from a small rocky patch along the way.

Legbreaker is roughly the route from Thingvellir National Park down to Hvalfjordur fjord both of which on its own are worth your time. Along the way you´ll see and come close to beautiful mountains like Botnssulur and Burfell. Fresh-water lakes are here too along with some amazing waterfalls. It is, for instance, here you´ll get close to the highest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur, which is hard to get close to but worth it.

Not least, if you have a decent map along you´ll find here Laugalaek spring where it is recommended you strip and soak in the hot water.

No matter how difficult the trek might be. When you arrive in the Hvalfjordur valley, or Botnsdal in Hvalfjordur to be exact, the view over this nice fjord will most likely make you sigh with pleasure.

In summertime we can arrange affordable guided treks on Legbreaker. Get in touch for details: totaliceland[@] for further details

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