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Laugavegur shopping street in Reykjavik. All kinds of stores on one street and many hotels and bars nearby. PIC C. Zeneno

Shopping-wise Iceland is a decent place for anyone with currency worth a shit. The economic crisis in 2008 which hit Iceland particularly hard, the local currency, krona, devalued immensely overnight and has never really seen the light of day since.

This means tourists with dollars, euros, remnibi or any other stronger currency will find better bargains overall although foreigners find prices in general amazingly steep all things considered. As an example prices on average are only 5% lower than in rather expensive London.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Reykjavik is a tiny city and selection is quite poor[/blockquote]

Best buys here are souvenirs, if you are into those, and clothes. That is pretty much all she wrote about local shopping. Reykjavik is a tiny city and selection is quite poor compared to larger cities.

Also there really are only three places to go to shop in Iceland and all of them in the Reykjavik area. There is also a tiny shopping mall in Akureyri in the North but nothing to get excited about.


This is the mecca of outdoor shopping in Iceland and a pretty decent place to go bar hopping as well after the stores close. Once upon a time there was wide selection of stores here but nowadays the tourist shops have taken over. The Laugavegur street, the lowest part of which is Bankastraeti, has good selection of clothing shops and most Icelandic brands have a branch here aimed at tourists. Lots of souvenir shops here as well. Not to be confused with the Laugavegur trekking route in the highlands.


For the best selection of stores head to Kringlan. The first and biggest indoor shopping mall in the country with a decent variety of stores. Lots of fast food restaurants here, a bar, a library, a cinema and a direct link to the Reykjavik Theatre building. Buses S1, S2, S3, S4 or S6 from Hlemmur or Laekjartorg. Also in summertime a shuttle from downtown.


If the town of Kopavogur has anything to brag about this shopping mall is sadly it. Smaralind is smaller than Kringlan but also has a pretty decent selection of stores. Also here are a few fast food restaurants, an indoor amusement garden, a cinema. Irregualr bus service. Bus S2 from Hlemmur or Laekjartorg. Also in summertime a shuttle from downtown.

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