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A day to blow in Iceland. Then this might just be it. PIC Stig Nygaard

A day to blow in Iceland. Then this might just be it. PIC Stig Nygaard

L et us suppose for a minute you have done all you wanted to do on your short trip in Iceland and you find yourself in Reykjavik city with one day to spare. Do you hop on yet another expensive tour or take the fifth walk around downtown Reykjavik? We have a better idea.

You see, we believe one should rest on the last day of travel if only to take in all the sights and sounds. Far too many of you plan so extensively that you only have the very minimum time to get to the airport on the day of leaving. In other words, you leave as stressed out as when you came. Which is not the way to enjoy travel folks.

We suggest you should either hire a car or find other means of getting to Mosfellsdalur valley which lies about 20 minutes away from Reykjavik city. You have probably already been here if you have taken a Golden Circle tour since the coaches run through here on that route.

Mosfellsdalur valley is quite special although many locals fail to see the attraction. First and foremost it is very close to the city while still feeling very secluded from everything. You feel like you are far away in the country. We know most of you guys appreciate this. In summertime it means you hear the birds sing and the water flow gently and in wintertime the snow and frost make it no less interesting.

But fancy landscape is not all there is here. In half a day or so to bring your final day to a marvelous ending you could play golf, ride the local horse and visit a pretty special museum and all the while marvel at the natural surroundings. In essence, you let off steam by golfing, then get excited by riding and get wiser by visiting the former home of Iceland´s only Nobel prize winner. All this within more or less the very same spot. Even if you do not like horse riding or golf there is ample opportunity to hike around here. From the top of the mountains here you´ll get brilliant views over to Reykjavik. A church here is quite wonderful and open to all and you can also decide to chat up local farmers or simply smell the flowers. All in a day´s work and you get to your hotel later that day feeling gloriously relaxed and at peace.

Don´t want to fork out for a rental car? Get in touch with us and we´ll see if we can help out.

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