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Langisjor lake and Fogrufjoll reach all the way to the massive Vatnajokull glacier. PIC Vatnajokulsþjóðgarður

Langisjor lake and Fogrufjoll mountains reach all the way to the massive Vatnajokull glacier. PIC Vatnajokulsþjóðgarður

A ny travel guide praising one place in Iceland above another is really going out on a limb. This is a place that is so chock-full of intensely beautiful spots there better be some seriously great arguments to support the statement. Be that as it may. Team Total Iceland is in total agreement. The place is called Langisjor.

You´ve probably not heard about Langisjor (Long Sea) before. You´ve also probably not heard of places called Fogrufjoll (Beautiful Mountains), Veidivotn (Fishing Lakes) or even the names Tungnarjokull and Skaftarjokull (glacier tongues from Vatnajokull).

The reason these places are practically unknown to all but the most progressive visitors has mostly to do with how difficult it can be to get to those spots. These places are smack in the center of the highland of Iceland and roads here, although much improved in recent years, can be tricky and hazardous and closed for long periods. Also, people going up here have few options for staying apart from raising a tent and that makes it pretty much off limits for most except the odd hardcore nature and outdoor lover.

So, what are our arguments for this being the most majestic spot in the country? Well, while we could fill some pages with fancy descriptions and lavish praise, we have decided to let the fine folks over at AirPano do the hard work for us. Those guys make the most awesome aerial photographs and incidentally, made Langisjor and Veidivotn their first venture in Iceland.

For those interested in visiting the area we can tell you most will be able to get to Veidivotn area over high summer. Highland roads tend to open very late in the summer but on average roads around here should open at the beginning of July. Don´t expect paved roads and a diner at every corner. In spots these are simply gravel roads and even just rough tracks in places. We recommend hiring a guide either with a 4×4 vehicle since this is high up in the country and weather can change for the worse in few moments. A guide would also be able to shed light on the many splendorous things in this vast area. Also be respectful. This is delicate nature and also a National Park.

Don´t believe us? Take a look at the fantastic work of AirPano.