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Amazingly this beach is in Reykjavik Iceland and resembles exotic beaches much further south on the globe. PIC mircokorli

M an is a master of changing its environment and a good example of this can be seen in Fossvogur bay in Reykjavik Iceland. Most of the bay just black rock and pebbles until suddenly you come across an area covered in a beautiful golden sand. The kind of sand you expect on beaches in Spain and Italy.

This is Reykjavik´s and Iceland´s only man made beach and quite good at that. It would seem out of place in a cold country for half-naked people tanning themselves to death on a beach next to the ice cold North Atlantic ocean. But out of place or not, it is reality and in fact the cold ocean is not even a factor.

Inside the beach compound of what is known as Nauthólsvík there is a small geothermally heated pool and a little further up the beach a hot tub also geothermally heated. Mind you, those are not natural hot springs as some foreign guidebooks would have you believe.Just hot springs 🙂

On sunny days in summer this place is packed to the roof. Apart from the fact that this is an outdoor arena and there is no roof. There is however, the imported golden sand. a barbecue area, a small shop and even showers available.

A number of hardcore swimmers dare to enter the ocean here daily and then use the hot tub to gather warmth into a frozen body. Many say the cold sea water is a cure for every illness but no studies back this up.

All of this is free for all although some are bothered by constant noise from the next-door neighbor; the Reykjavik airport. For those wanting just to have a look there is a small coffeehouse and restaurant close-by.

Nautholsvik beach area is about half an hour walking distance from downtown Reykjavik but the easiest way of getting here is by bus number 19. You will need you bring your own swimsuit and towel as those are not rented here.

Information » If you really want something special take a dive into the cold ocean. Few actually like it but if you don´t just make a run for the nearby hot tubs to counter the cold.

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