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The extremely small village of Rif on the Snaefellsnes peninsula may not be everyone´s cup of tea but bird watchers could do worse than make a stop here.

Y ou know how sometimes you visit such marvelous city as Paris for instance only to find out the teeny weeny french village you stay in later on your trip is much more charming and pleasurable.

Now, we are not going to pretend the micro-village of Rif on Snaefellsnes peninsula is as charming as most french villages. After all, this is a barren fishing village with only three streets and probably only one brand of red wine on offer.

But perhaps, perhaps, that is just what you need after a rumble in the Reykjavik capital or other bigger places in Iceland.

On a nice summer day you will marvel at the extreme slowness of this village with a population of just over a hundred people, most of which work elsewhere. Nothing is happening here ever and for people from places like New York, London or Bejing or Mumbai that can be very appealing.

As stated there is not much to do here but the rocky shore is popular amongst bird watchers. The biggest concentration of the arctic tern seabird in Iceland is found here in the summertime. These are really beautiful birds but they can be very aggressive. Bring a hat.

You cannot but find this village should you drive the peninsula with the beautiful Snæafellsjokull glacier always looming close. Rif is but a minute´s drive from Hellissandur village and about 20 minutes drive away from Olafsvik town

There is but one small guesthouse at Rif village. Virkið guesthouse, the Fortress, is located by the small harbor.

» Consider that only hundred years ago this small place used to be one of the most important centers in the whole Snaefellsnes peninsula

» Driving around the peninsula will take you right by the village of Rif

» Good stop for birdwatchers and people needing solitude. Others stay away.