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Arctic Ball ladies and gentlemen. The future monument on Grimsey island. PIC screenshot Vikudagur

Arctic Ball ladies and gentlemen. The future monument on Grimsey island. PIC screenshot Vikudagur

Only one place in Iceland can boast of lying right on the Arctic Circle and this is something many foreigners find quite attractive. The locals now want to make this abundantly clear with a genuine marker and hope to draw in even bigger crowds of visitors.

Until now, the good people on the island of Grimsey, have not made too much noise about the fact the imaginary Arctic Circle pretty much divides the island in two. Well, sometimes at least, since that line fluctuates between years.

But now with the ever more reliance on foreign tourists to prep up the buttery Iceland economy folks are going all out to get more tourists to spend more and more. Which is a big reason why local authorities had a competition for the very best marker or monument for the Arctic Circle in Grimsey. The results are in: a huge rolling rock will mark the spot.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]The Arctic Circle divides this tiny island in two[/blockquote]

At first it might not seem too fancy an idea. A circular chunk of rock sounds rather far fetched and dull. But on closer thought this is a brilliant idea. Not only does a circular rock mark the circular Arctic line but even more imaginative is the fact that because the line is never constant it proves easy to just roll the rock to and fro in line with the Arctic Circle itself.

But hold your horses. Things don´t happen overnight here in Iceland. An exact date for the marker has not been set but is likely some years into the future. In the meantime you´ll just have to imagine the imaginary line.

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