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Seal this! In the farm turned hostel Husey you can ride Icelandic ponys along coasts filled with wild seals. PIC milopeng

T eam Total Iceland believes there are not many places in this world where you can, almost easily, get close to wild and playful seals riding on an Icelandic pony. We know of only one.

This is Husey farm hostel in the East of the country and quite a distance from everything labelled civilization. It is roughly one hour away from the town of Egilsstadir in East Iceland and is pretty much the only farm on the sandy coast for miles and miles.

Sure enough you will get bored in five minutes if nature and solitude does not agree with you. But should you like that kind of surroundings you will want to stay forever ( or at least over the summer).

The farmers of Husey offer beds and sleeping bag accommodation whole year round and have plenty of fine local horses should you care to venture off someplace. And venture off you can, since Husey is far removed from any other place in most directions.

Most impressive though, are the seals that make the beach here their home for a big part of the year. And you can get pretty damn close to those gentle creatures. Totally marvelous experience if you ask us.

All you need to know about Husey here.

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