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A one-armed man could almost count the number of inhabitants in Thingeyri Iceland on his fingers. PIC omarun

A one-armed man could easily count the number of inhabitants in Thingeyri Iceland on his fingers. PIC omarun

Finally on your way to Iceland and dying to dive headlong into Viking history 24 seven. First off, you are visiting the wrong country for Viking stuff but if that does not deter you go seek out one of the tiniest villages on the whole island.

Seems a optimistic feller in the micro village of Thingeyri, Þingeyri in Icelandic, in the Westfjords area of Iceland is offering Viking-style sailings in one of those famous Viking longboats. In fact, one of only two or three such vessels in whole of Iceland.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]get some Viking wisdom into your bloodstream[/blockquote]

One can sail the beautiful Dyrafjordur fjord and even go fishing while at it from next summer and hopefully the summers thereafter too if all goes well. Also possible to take in a Viking style feast and get some Viking wisdom into your bloodstream.

All this is commendable and sailing the seas on a longboat is certainly something to selfie about. Certainly too, no one will be surly about having made a journey into the Westfjords area. Not too many tourists make the effort which is sad since many things here are quite different from elsewhere in the country.

However, do no be fooled either. Iceland was certainly settled by Vikings but this was never a mecca in the age of the Vikings and apart from the early settlers and the individual said to have discovered America long before Columbus there was never much Viking activity here in Iceland. But this place is close to the setting of Gisla Saga Surssonar, one of the famed Icelandic Sagas.

As for Thingeyri village, this is easily found and actually seen from road no.60 which is the major route in these parts. Camping is an option as well as a couple of smaller guesthouses.

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