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Adventurous? Absolutely. Dangerous? Absolutely. PIC Phil Collett

Adventurous? Absolutely. Dangerous? Absolutely. PIC Phil Collett

Perhaps you can blame all those thick and colorful travel brochures about Iceland´s wonders. Perhaps all the sunny pictures fool some people into believing. Perhaps some of you are just not too bright.

Perhaps also you should help spread the Total Iceland word. Nobody else is warning about a lot of stuff here in Iceland. Such as bringing the whole family biking for the summer.

Local rescue squads just barely saved a group of ten cyclists on a windswept moor today. Cyclists that had cycled a chunk of the Ring Road before giving up cold and frustrated.

Now, we have written about 50 articles warning about taking Iceland lightly. The weather can change in a jiffy from 20 degrees Celsius and sunshine to the coldest fog and sometimes hailstorms. Even in summertime in places high enough up. Apart from summer´s here not being all that sunny overall. This being an island little has to change to encounter the harshest winds.

Which is probably what happened to the cyclists. The temperature on the moor when rescued? Three degrees Celsius. The youngest member of the cycling team? Nine years.

Get a grip.

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