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Don´t believe in elves? You will! Not particularly known to like making their homes in lava fields but perhaps we are wrong on that assumption. PIC Wanderingtheworld

S adly, only a handful of Icelanders have the gift of seeing elves and trolls in every major rock on the island. But this could be about to change.

A local entrepreneur has spent considerable time lately to figure out how to produce a special spray that allows you to actually see all those busy-bee elves wherever they may be doing their business. The idea is to blanket a particular rock with your spray and in an instant those weird looking small people will magically appear.

According to himself he is rapidly closing in on the secret involved and he hopes to market the spray for next years crop of tourist.

Team Total Iceland will keep you posted and certainly publish the very first photos ever taken of elves if the spray idea pans out.

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