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The whole landmass known as Reykjanes on which sits Iceland´s only international airport is geologically active. PIC Greg Kruk

The whole landmass known as Reykjanes on which sits Iceland´s only international airport is geologically active. PIC Greg Kruk

Team Total Iceland guarantees you will not find information about this possibility anywhere online. It´s simply not the kind of information likely to entice people to visit Iceland.

You may have researched this country well before deciding to show up here in person. You know a chunk of this fair country is but one huge volcanic belt running through its middle and basically enlarging it too by expanding every day of the year. You may know about the most dangerous volcanoes too. Hekla volcano and Askja volcano the biggest threats when they blow and any blow will make Eyjafjallajokull volcano seem like a joke in comparison. You may also know about Thingvellir National Park being torn apart by the tectonic plates as these rifts are visible there with your own eyes.

However, that rift you see at Thingvellir is well hidden underground in all of Reykjanes peninsula. In fact, that whole landmass is nothing but rather newly built land from volcanic activity. The last of which likely took place around the year 1000.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Reykjanes area is still highly active geologically[/blockquote]

Reykjanes area is still highly active geologically and no one can rule out the possibility of further activity in the future. In fact, it is likelier than not there will be an eruption somewhere on the peninsula. Judging by the amount of lava that flowed here last time out it does not take a mathematician to know that any serious volcano here now will be much more devastating effects. One of which could be the closure of the International airport at Keflavik. Second of which might close down the highway between the airport and Reykjavik city. Third of which could actually threaten the city itself.

To be sure, there is nothing extraordinary taking place right now in or around Reykjanes and the area has been rather quiet for ages. But then again, no modern instruments can predict earthquakes or volcanoes. If worst comes to worst some day what is probably the most horrendous thing is the fact there is absolutely no plan of action available. You will pretty much be on your own.

Do not be too alarmed. Life and travel are the most fun when there´s a tiny amount of danger present.

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