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For lovers of La Linea this is a marvel. PIC Jerome Vadon

For lovers of La Linea this is a marvel. PIC Jerome Vadon

We regularly get questions about the Icelandic sense of humor? Why we don´t know. Perhaps there is some major dialogue among foreigners about the unique sense of humor of the folks calling this home.

Which would be understandable. The local humor is so sarcastic the word sarcastic barely suffices. And it almost always is double-edged too since so many local words mean so many different things. Smart folks use that all the time. Just imagine for a second if the very same word in your language meant a whale but also meant pain. “Kvalinn” is one Icelandic word for pain while “Hvalinn” is a noun for a whale. But both sound exactly the same. Then imagine locals taking a few drinks too many and you get the picture.

Anyways, we do not know if it really was an Icelandic person that produced the magnificent La Linea on the pavement of a remote bikepath near Keflavik airport. But we love it and the guy that discovered it and his twitter followers love it too. We are sure you´ll like it too.

Oh, and for the uninitiated, La Linea, is a very famous and very basic french cartoon show which aired repeatedly on TV in most European countries a few decades ago. Suffice it to say La Linea always ended up mad.