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Bad weather or not. This place is always stunning. Eldhraun lava field. PIC Simon Tong

Bad weather or not. This place is always stunning. Eldhraun lava field. PIC Simon Tong

O ne of the more interesting things while traveling in the South of Iceland is the amazingly sharp contrast found on the way between the villages of Klaustur and Vik. On one hand vast empty black sands and on the other vast overgrown lava field. Opposites truly attract here.

The contrast is especially vivid in high summer when the moss is as green as green can be and it seems to spread everywhere. The moss, of course, hides what is by far the largest lava field in Iceland. The lava is from gigantic volcanic rifts at Lakagigar that blew a few hundred years ago as you can read about here.

It would be so easy to recommend you spend serious time here trekking around here as this would be a very memorable experience and all the more so if one knows the history and what effect the volcanoes and the fast flowing lava had on this country as well as other countries.

But that would take forever as the field is over 650 square kilometers and besides, the moss is way too delicate to trample on. A better idea to follow the lava lines as they snake around the landscape. The further North you go you´ll experience tremendous lava formations as well and not least could make the trouble of finding one of over 200 lava tube caves found in this particular lava. Well, you might also follow the signs as some are marked. But visiting these caves might be better with a professional guide than going solo as this is not a good place to have an accident.

But be warned. If you do make time here you will soon find lots of other interesting things and places around here. So many that you´ll never want to leave.

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