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Icelanders discovered the infinity pool ages ago but told no one about it. Krossnes swimming pool is a marvel well off the beaten track in Iceland. PIC Vatnavinir

Y ou may or may not know that a big chunk of the island known as Iceland is just a vast wilderness. In thousands of places you can wander around for days on end without seeing another living soul.

Thus, it should not come as a surprise that in a few remarkable places you can even take a dip into a perfectly fine natural, or partly natural swimming pool and have it all to yourself.

Iceland, being a volcanic island, has abundance of geothermal energy and this we have used through the ages to make life here a little easier. Not just by warming our homes and buildings but also built swimming pools wherever we lay our hat. And often we didn´t have to build anything since nature not only provided warm or hot flowing water but also made natural swimming pools out of rocks.

Infinitely more stunning than anything manmade these are more often than not located at stunning locations. In some you can lay back in the warm waters and stare literally into the abyss from the very best vantage point.

Team Total Iceland has mapped all the geothermal pools in Iceland to give you an opportunity to plan your trip here better. This will be published soon but in the meantime here is one pool to give you a taste.

The Krossanes pool could be described as the pool at the end of the world. It is not a natural pool in the strictest sense but its warm water comes straight from the earth. Built in such a remote place as to defy imagination and its located on the beach of the same name in the Nordurfjordur in the Westfjords of Iceland. This is lightyears away from all tourist places in Iceland which is precisely why you should make the journey.

Come during the summer months and odds are you will soak here on your own with nothing to keep you company apart from the valley and the vast North Atlantic sea. Simply priceless if you ask us.

» To get here from Reykjavik area take the Ring Road north until you get to Hrutafjordur. There turn left onto road number 61. This road you follow until you find road number 643 on your right. This road you pretty much follow until the end and you will see the pool when you get there. Another option, more scenic but road is worse, is to drive the Ring Road until you come to road 60 on your left. This you follow until you find road marked number 68. This leads to road 61 which you follow until you find road 643 which will lead you the whole way.

» Team Total Iceland offers trips to the Westfjords over the summer months. These can in most cases be tailor made to anyone´s taste. Get in touch for details.

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