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There are lots of stunning waterfalls all over Iceland. Problem is many are hard to get to and require long hikes

There are lots of stunning waterfalls all over Iceland. Problem is many are hard to get to and require long hikes

T elling everybody that Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in the whole wide world is a little bit like the little boy who cried wolf. Icelanders can shout all they want about their stunning country but so is everyone else from Guam to Georgia. Whom to believe?

But we do have proof you know…. 🙂

A: Hraunfossar, Borgarfjordur, West Iceland

They might not be very large but they make it up by beauty. Hraunfossar are really streams of underground water flowing under gigantic shell of old lava before it suddenly, but gently, flows out from under your feet .PIC Atli Harðarson

B: Seljalandsfoss, Rangarthingi, South Iceland

Clearly visible for miles this gem of a waterfall is one of a very few you can walk around. In theory you can also bathe here but the other tourists would probably feel offended. View from the 60 meter high top is no less stunning but you have to hike it. PIC axshuzaifa

C: Haifoss, Thjorsardalur, South Iceland

Known for not complicating things we decided to name this high waterfall: High waterfall. That is the translation of 122 metre high Haifoss deep in Thjorsardalur valley not far from Hekla mountain. PIC Mark Hintsa

D: Dettifoss, Thingeyjasysla, North Iceland

You may have nuclear energy but we have Dettifoss waterfall. 44 metre high and over 100 metre wide it is the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe. To get an idea of its mass try to locate the people on the other side. Un-fucking-missable. PIC brum_d

E: Gullfoss, Arnessysla, South Iceland

Gullfoss waterfall, Golden waterfall, is Iceland´s most tourist friendly waterfall. Part of the Golden Circle tour and from which the keyword golden comes. Impressive sight in all seasons. PIC Francesco_G

F: Dynjandi, Arnarfirdi, Western Iceland

Truly beautiful waterfall but sadly out of the way of most tourists. Its name roughly means Roaring waterfall. PIC Nico Kaiser

G: Godafoss, Bardardalur, North Iceland

Fantastic is a superficial word for such a treasure of nature as Godafoss. The name means Falls of the Gods and refers to Norse mythology but thus named because heathen idols were thrown into the falls when christianity became the official faith of Iceland. PIC m’ sier Rico

H: Skogafoss, Skogar, South Iceland

Amazing Skogafoss waterfall is a must stop for anyone with a touch of romance. And bloody well everyone else too. PIC doxi

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