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T eam Total Iceland gets this a lot: where to find a hot spring where possible to get some privacy or at the very least without sharing with busloads of other tourists.

Do forgive us if we are not too keen to offer up too much such information. After all, most natural hot springs nowadays are descended upon in Black Friday numbers which in turn makes the experience little but noisy and annoying. Keep in mind most natural pools or springs in the country are not exactly easy to get to. In many cases one has to hike or walk quite a distance over harsh terrain before stumbling upon the Mother Lode. Finding the place crowded as a shopping mall before Christmas is not gonna make anyone sigh with undiluted pleasure. Except perhaps the tour operators.

There is also another thing to bear in mind. A nugget no one but Total Iceland will tell you about since it is not conductive to make loads of money off tourists. According to the only study made on the quality of the water in natural hot springs around the country some of the most popular ones are pretty contaminated with faecal matter. That is especially the case where the flow of water is low or nonexistent. Read more about this here.

Naturally, tourist authorities are not keen on this info getting out since experiencing natural hot springs is the major reason for the visit of quite a number of foreigners. Only one of major scandals in the tourism industry Total Iceland has uncovered lately no one else dare touch upon.

However, we do want you to enjoy this wonderful piece of earth known as Iceland and we want to tell you about a remote place where you should still be able to enjoy a soak in your birthday suit or without rubbing against others each time you take a breath. Better yet, it is the only hot waterfall in existence in the country meaning you can actually take a hot natural shower too. No worries about contamination; the flow strong enough to completely eliminate anything disgusting.

it is the only hot waterfall in existence in the country

The place is Laugavalladalur in the East of Iceland. While known to many locals it is so far off the beaten track in one of the least visited area of Iceland that chances of finding the place void of people are still very high. Although that could well change if this article goes viral too much. Let us hope not 🙂

As always with Iceland there is a catch though. This place is pretty inaccessible and actually high enough up in the highland that getting here is only a possibility in summertime when the roads are open. Even then the roads are not paved highways by a long shot. A sturdy vehicle it must be to safely get to and fro.

Tours available We do make a few tours this way in summertime if you want to expand your unforgettable shower into something even more memorable. Contact for details.