Oldest swimming pool in Iceland is now suddenly called the Secret Lagoon.

Oldest swimming pool in Iceland is now suddenly called the Secret Lagoon.

F ew things in this world are as horrible as marketers. Those folks whose sole job is to lie, exaggerate and put an overall positive spin on anything beneficial to particular companies or governments.

Thanks to those guys you may have come across ads about a special and “secret” pool in Iceland lately. Perhaps that has something to do with the marketers of the pool itself calling it the Secret Lagoon. The link to the more famous Blue lagoon is obvious.

Problem being, that the “secret” lagoon is just the oldest swimming pool in the whole country but has not been popular at all these last few years since it fell into disrepair. Indeed, the name of this “secret” in Icelandic is simply The Old Pool and not fancy Secret Lagoon.

But now it has been returned to former glory and it is indeed a fab place. Kinda rustic but still really warm fed by natural springs found right by. It is lovely for a romantic rendezvous and no less so for group swimming lessons.Team Total Iceland highly recommends a visit to this place found a few minutes from the small village of Fludir.

However, you do pay rather ridiculous price for admittance here. A dip here will set you back 19$ / 17€ plus a few hundred kroner for a towel should you find yourself lacking. That´s quite steep for what is basically a big hole with free warm water flowing into it.

No matter. Pack your trunks and swimsuits and take it all in.

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