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Tempting indeed but the water is burning hot nowadays and the roofs are caving in. PIC Johnny Peacock

Should time travel be possible, and who is to say it´s not, there would be a chance to experience the fantastic and secret spa caves of Myvatn area in the North of Iceland.

For decades there were here a few small but wonderful lava-made caves filled with warm and wonderful water. Steady water temperature at 40 degrees locked in the caves for years provided nature´s own spa and sauna rolled into one.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]This was long a closely kept secret[/blockquote]

It was certainly an experience to remember and even so for locals long accustomed to bathing outdoors in hot springs found throughout. An experience locals did not advertise much and not even to fellow Icelanders. This was long a closely kept secret.

Twenty years ago or so these wonderful places started to go sour when suddenly the temperature of the water in the caves started to rise a little bit. The temperature has risen more or less ever since and made in impossible to dive in unless third degree burns and sudden death is on the wish list.

While the water is way too hot the caves themselves are still absolutely wonderful to visit and view. What is extra spicy about the story is the fact that the locals here succeeded in keeping this a secret for years and years in spite of the caves being literally only meters from the famous Ring Road where thousands went by every summer oblivious.

To spice the story even more, the locals have indeed, found more places where nature offers spa au natural but again they are keeping it under wraps for now. Team Total Iceland will not divulge the secret but we implore you to ask the locals once there. They tend to give in once they know you know 🙂

In any case, do take a look at the caves and the picture above should convince most of their tremendous beauty. Just make sure you do not fall in the water. Also be careful as the lava roof is slowly but surely cracking and pieces can come tumbling down in no time.

View The secret hot water lava caves in Myvatn Iceland in a larger map

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