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On your way into the country you would do well to buy liquor and tobacco at the airport.

On your way into the country you would do well to buy liquor and tobacco at the airport.

Iceland is expensive. In spite of massive economic collapse of this country just a few years ago the reality is not as rosy as the tourist brochures would have you believe. Iceland is still very, very expensive. But this advice will save you many thousands of Iceland kroner.

Want evidence of costs? We could tell you that the taxi price from Keflavik international airport one-way into Reykjavik city will set you back about 150$ / 113€. We could tell you that very basic breakfast at a very basic hotel will cost you around 14$ / 11€. Et cetera. et cetera, et cetera.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Needless stuff is also priced quite high here[/blockquote]

Needless stuff is also priced quite high here and in particular alcohol and tobacco products. But for the majority of you visiting for a few days that cost could be well offset by shopping in the tax-free store right after landing at Keflavik airport.

Yeah, Keflavik airport not only has a duty-free store when leaving but also on arrival. Prices there for lots of stuff in the aforementioned category is 40% to 60% cheaper than outside of the terminal. A carton of popular cigarette brand will cost around 40$ here but elsewhere in the country expect to fork out closer to one hundred dollars. Same for brand named wines and spirits. Buying that stuff here, although limitation rules apply, will save you a handful to spend on other intriguing things.

As for the rest of the stuff that can wait until you leave again but in some cases what they call duty-free at the airport is not way cheaper than found elsewhere.

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