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Of course there are elves in Iceland. At least if you believe one local congressman. PIC Meiburgin

S eems like human beings aren´t the only ones having a hard time moving away from hotel mom and dad. Three generations of elves have chosen to live together in the very same stone in Iceland according to a local expert.

Everybody knows elves are real and you would do lasting harm to the honor of any Icelander should you imply otherwise. Well, not really, but some people do believe and among them a former local congressman by the name of Arni Johnsen. He is well known in Iceland for stealing and lying whilst in public office.

Now, the basic stuff to know about elves is they are seldom seen and live in fancy rocks. Mr. Johnsen has now transported a 30 ton rock to his home in Westman Island from the mainland in Iceland because he says it is the home of not one, not two, but three generations of elves. This, he says, has been verified by a local expert. Mr. Johnson is sure those elves were his guardians when he escaped unhurt after crashing his SUV a few years ago.

Thus, should you happen to visit Westman Islands or Heimaey in particular, on your travels in Iceland you would do well to see for yourself. It is a small place and everyone knows Mr. Johnsen. He will most likely welcome all interested parties but in case he is out you cannot miss the 30 ton rock in his backyard.

Two questions remain. One is why the elves, given the amount of beautiful rocks in Iceland, keep such close quarters. Secondly, it has been an unwritten rule for ages never to move or disturb elf stones for fear of retribution. Here we have a major elf site moved long distances. Has Mr. Johnson had any bad luck recently? Accidents?

Indeed he has…