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And these folks are just on a light hour-long trek. Trekking Iceland massive adventure but not without dangers and hardships. PIC utrechtman

And these folks are just on a light hour-long trek. Trekking Iceland massive adventure but not without dangers and hardships. PIC utrechtman

F or fit lovers of nature there can be few better ways of connecting to Iceland than by trekking across it on foot. Indeed, this kind of traveling is gaining in popularity and quite a number of peoples spend weeks and even months doing just that.

Such crossing need not be especially hard since the highland of Iceland is relatively flat and not too high. More harder will be to find the right way across without getting cut off by streams or rivers.

Team Total Iceland regularly gets mail regarding the feasibility of such a trek and we cannot but recommend such adventure. This way one gets intimately close to the nature of Iceland and if there is one thing in this country that never disappoints it is nature. We will gladly help those wanting deeper information about larger or harder treks in Iceland but here are a few pointers should you like to trek across Iceland.

  • Crossing from West to East is easier than crossing from South to North or vice versa. This is due to all the big glaciers found South of the country and with glaciers you have massive rivers in all directions. Such rivers will easily change an adventurous trek into hardcore battle against the elements.
  • The trek from W to E or the other way around can take anywhere from 25 to 45 days depending on route and starting point. The S to N trek is shorter on a map but the before mentioned difficulties might change that in an instant.
  • Camping is really the only option you have on such crossing. Over summertime this should be fine and create little problems. It is also possible to trek according to locations of some highland cabins but this will lengthen the trip and these cabins are fought over long in advance.
  • There is need for quite a lot of baggage. Water is seldom a problem since there is abundance of streams, lakes and rivers all over most of which are fine to drink from. But food you will have to bring along plus a tent, sleeping bag and other such necessities.
  • Although trekking flat lands is not hard it gets harder each day regardless on a longer trip. Participants in such crossing will need to be pretty fit and ready and willing to put in extra effort if needed.
  • The biggest enemy apart from raging rivers is the weather. Iceland weather is totally unpredictable as anyone can attest to and a bright sunny day can in few seconds morph into arctic cold winds blowing for days on end. Thus the only sensible time for such adventure is high-summer but even then nothing can be taken for granted.

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