The only catholic church in whole of Iceland is Landakotskirkja or Basilica of Jesus Christ. It´s worth a look. PIC A.Currell

The only catholic church in whole of Iceland is Landakotskirkja or Basilica of Jesus Christ. It´s worth a look. PIC A.Currell

Considering there is not a whole heap of interesting things to see in Reykjavik Iceland there are more stupid ways of spending your time than examining the only two decent churches in the city. Both of which are close to downtown.

Naturally, you probably know about the first one. Hallgrimskirkja church, towers over Reykjavik from afar and has always been a great symbol of the city. This massive church is very beautiful and the view from its tower unrivaled.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]there is an interesting story here[/blockquote]

Unlike the large Hallgrimskirkja church you could easily walk for hours on end without seeing the other notable church. The Basilica of Jesus Christ at Landakoti at Tungata road. It is kinda weird looking for a church but some find it very beautiful.

[styledbox type=”information” align=”center”]You probably know that buildings are often much more interesting when you know their story or origin. That is definitely the case with Hallgrimskirkja. Do make the effort to learn about the man to whom this massive building is named after. Hallgrimur Petursson is one of the more amazing Icelanders.[/styledbox]

For most the word fascinating describes this catholic church much better for its concrete walls do not make it very appealing. Indeed, some local scholars contend this is one of handful of catholic churches in the world made almost entirely from concrete.

Another weird aspect of Landakotskirkja church, as locals call it, is the tower. Looks like a tower built for some kind of medieval European fortress. But there is an interesting story here. The tower was supposed to be a much higher spire in the beginning. This was changed well after construction began in 1927 due to lack of funds.

[styledbox type=”information” align=”center”]You may not think much of the small open field or garden surrounding the catholic church. But this is the exact spot where, in 1859, the very first catholic priests to visit Iceland came to stay. This used to be farmland.[/styledbox]

The catholic church is often open for visits and mass is held here regularly on Sundays. Do have a look inside as this is far more beautiful than the cold outside.

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