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One travel agency owned by one of the people responsible for the financial shock in Iceland is Hekla Travel

Would you do business with a travel agency owned by Kenneth Lay of Enron fame after the guy was found guilty of massive corruption and crimes galore?

It pains us much but the sad truth is that much of the very same peoples responsible for taking Iceland to the brink of total collapse financially in 2008 are still making a killing. In tourism. Those guys, bringing untold hardships to thousands upon thousands of ordinary folks are still laughing in the bank and most often outside of the bank too. It is simply very, very wrong in our view.

They own a number of hotels, car rental agencies and last but not least popular travel agencies. One of which is Hekla Travel.

We are slowly getting information about what exactly those guys own in order to publish later on. Simply because we believe folks out there care as much as we do about life and things being fair and equal. If you think doing business with Ken Lay and such types is fine and dandy in spite of everything you are simply not the type of human being we personally care much for. It is the old saying; fool me once… [blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]fool me once…..[/blockquote]

Hekla Travel is among the most popular travel agency selling tours and trips to Iceland in Scandinavia. It is wholly owned by one Palmi Haraldsson. His track record is one of destruction in more than one company way back. Guilty for price-fixing early on in his career but that did not stop him at all. He founded Stirling airlines some may remember which went belly up soon thereafter with hundreds of layoffs.. He ran Iceland Express travel agency in Iceland before that too was sold off cheaply when faced with competition for the first time. Mr. Haraldsson was also one of few millionaires to fool around with Icelandair for a while and literally bring that large company to the brink as well.

We could tell you lots more but you get the picture. Please, turn your business away from companies owned by people making the world a lot worse place.

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