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S o! Here we are. All fine and dandy after Covid (although reality differs) and we´re all dying to start exploring the world again. That might be a bad idea if you are heading for Iceland.

You will not read anything about it on the official travel websites of Iceland. Neither will you see so much as a letter about it on the many greedy websites all around. Indeed, the whole army of marketeers of Iceland as a destination are all-in enticing everyone to spend time here. And indeed, you could find some very decent flight offers to this beautiful island…

But you should not really come at all!

We could write an essay the size of which Encyclopedia Britannica would be envious about but that would make for a horrible reading. Instead, let us make a short list:

A) Accommodation all over the country is so expensive the directors of Webster´s Dictionary are contemplating having a picture of Iceland along with the word expensive. This due to how many folks gave up renting their places on AirBnb during Covid-times. Before that shit almost 30% of local accommodation was local renting. Add to the mix that Iceland was always expensive as hell and multiply by four. That is what you get in 2022 if you are lucky enough to even find a tent to stay in.

B) Car rental around the country is, likewise, more expensive than running the International Space Station. Worse yet, even if super high prices don´t put you off, the  complete lack of available rental options should make you think twice. Yup, rental cars are pretty much booked to the hilt for the remainder of this year. Another thing the fancy marketeers do not tell you.

C) Sure, you could just do some superficial day tours from Reykjavik and come back later for the real stuff. But prices for all those trips are rising faster than Ron Jeremy´s member during filming. Imagine paying 28€ / 30$ for a 40 minute one-way trip from or to the airport from Reykjavik city. Yup, that is the current price and it will keep on rising …

Our advice if you dream of visiting this magnificent place?

Three words: wait, wait and wait. Prices will go down and you will be able to travel around this unique island without having only memories about being ripped off all over the place. And you deserve it too because this place is truly a heaven on earth.

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