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Old-skool stone-built hot spring in the highlands. An absolute must stop for everyone wanting a reason to save this planet (and have a memorable time.) PIC Laugarfell

I magine a place far away from most civilization. Then being surrounded by peace and quiet occasionally broken by high-flying birds. Add to this a direct view over one of the most majestic mountain/glacier in the country. Lastly, picture yourself in these surroundings while soaking in a warm and cozy 40 degree natural hot spring and perhaps with a Kir Royale on the side.

A super-fancy dream right?

Not so much 🙂

This “dream” could well become reality if you visit a rather little known place called Laugarfell in the East of this fine country. Located in the highland 640 meters above sea-level Laugarfell consists of a small guesthouse and two natural hot spring pools nicely surrounded by carved stones.

Of course, most visitors really studying before their Iceland trip will probably find this place but many will not. And that is a crying shame because even if you hate nature, hate peacefulness and other folks, our guess is you will still love a couple of hours here. And no, we´re not referring to the Kir Royale by the spring-side but the awesome view if the weather is clear. What you´ll see is documented here.

You can stay here too if you book well in advance. No five star accommodation but certainly five star surroundings and prices for staying or just soaking are very reasonable. Possibilities for hikes around untouched nature for miles around and even a trek upon the mother of all mountains in East Iceland. Even if you hate moving around on your own you only have twenty minute drive to see the largest dam in the country; Karahnjukar dam. Not a beautiful sight by any stretch but impressive nonetheless. From Karahnjukar dam on a clear day you can even see the outlines of the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull, in the distance.

Now, keep in mind this place is pretty high up which is fine in summertime but the roads to here and from can close pretty rapidly in the fall, winter and even springtime. While soaking in a natural hot spring under the Northern lights is a fantasy all of us crave you´d be well advised to either drive a huge 4×4 or skip a visit altogether if you arrive here outside of summertime. Not a good place to get stuck for ages.

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