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One of a number of pitch-black churches of Iceland which are impossible to find in the darkness of the winter months. The black color surprises many people and there are those that find it downright ungodly to paint churches in such a color. PIC Funky Tee

G oogle “black churches” and in all likelihood you will be flooded with ads and reports about churches in predominantly black neighborhoods in the US of A. But nowhere will you find so much as a dot about the distinct and weird but amazingly dramatic black churches of Iceland.

It is very true ladies and gentlemen. There are a number of churches painted deep black in Iceland and most foreigners are a bit taken aback when they come upon such a building. If indeed they find one since trying to locate one of these in the darkness of the winter months here is a real ordeal. We actually think this is a brilliant candidate for a search on the Amazing Race TV show.

But the color of darkness on houses of God? What´s up with that shit?

It is not altogether clear it seems. Some think the idea is to mark and remember the crucifixion of Christ and Easter. Naturally, as a horrible event this bears remembering in the dimmest way possible. Others believe the carpenters were just colorblind. The real reason is not known.

In any case they are worth exploring as most are pretty old by local standards but have stood the test of time remarkably well. You will find them in various places on the island and they all make for excellent photo op.