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Water in your mouth yet? There is no such thing as local „delicacies“ in Iceland. PIC mulakaffi

Water in your mouth yet? There is no such thing as local „delicacies“ in Iceland. PIC mulakaffi

A sk an Icelander what local cuisine is about and chances are you will just get a big shrug. You see, although we pride ourselves of really having Icelandic food and history to match the truth is quite different.

Sure enough, we do actually have a local delicacy that is finally making a splash abroad. It is just now that foreigners have discovered that skyr, the milk product most liken to thick version of yogurt, is pretty good stuff. Extremely good actually, but only without additives, and only a couple of spoonfuls will make you pat your overfilled stomach and need no more food for a week. Especially so with cream on top. Packed with vitamins and calcium but due to the fact that this is old stuff locals are not really eating much skyr. It is not „in“ as the saying goes. Apart from all the local producers filling the stuff with additives.

And in reality, that is all she wrote about local Icelandic cuisine.

Sure, we could continue and brag about the Viking cuisine still being eaten here but this would actually be a lie. Rotten shark, swine testicles, burned sheep´s heads and burning schnapps to match is offered here and a handful of local folks eat this shit but only ONCE A YEAR. Top that up with the fact there were never any Vikings in Iceland and you might get our drift.

You see, as we explain here few Icelanders actually eat stuff most local tourist websites tell you is the staple of locals. Older folks try the “Viking” stuff once a year. The younger ones do not. And very understandably too. Vikings were no connoisseurs. Not by a long shot. They ate what was available.

So, do not let superficial tourist sites tell you shit about the „Iceland cuisine.“ This is a nation that in spite of being number one or two for centuries in fishing bacalao, cod fish, had no idea what to do with it until we met some Spaniards at a party in 1999.