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In many cases you won´t see much of this land without some wheels. PIC Jonathan

In many cases you won´t see much of this land without some wheels. PIC Jonathan

Car rental prices in Iceland have risen quite dramatically in just one year according to a price survey made by team Total Iceland. For smaller sized and medium sized vehicles you now pay 10% – 30% more than a year ago.

By no means a scientific survey but simply a comparison from a similiar price check one year ago for the exact same date in summertime. Specifically we wanted to find the lowest prices for a small car, medium sized car and a 4×4 vehicle from the 4th of June for a 24 hour period. Keep in mind this is considered “off-season” for most car rental agencies.

As one can see from the table below there is not much real difference in pricing across the largest car rental agencies in Iceland. In all cases the vehicle is rented at the Keflavik International Airport and return to same place. It is possible to shave a few bucks off by renting from other locations.

Prices do not seem overly horrific compared to car rental prices in neighboring Scandinavian countries. But keep in mind this is a rental in the beginning of June which is here, as elsewhere, off-season or mid-season at best. Expect pretty higher numbers to turn up for July or August rentals.

Prices show the lowest price for a day´s rental in each group. Since car types vary these are not necessarily the exact same vehicles but belong roughly to the same group. One thing regarding abnormally high prices for Avis. It has to do with unlimited mileage while other parties only offer limited mileage, most often just 100 kilometers per day. We can assure you will most certainly drive more than that in one day on average.

Here you can see our results from one year ago.

* Basic rental and no extras included. Price check made on the 26th of February 2015. All prices in Euros.