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Yes! That is indeed a small hot spring river flowing in Iceland. Amazingly, these natural hot springs are found in many places and should you want something natural instead of the superficial and manmade Blue Lagoon you have lots to choose from. PIC earendel67

Ever wanted to visit Iceland? Then without doubt you´ve come across fancy ads and fancier articles about the luxurious Blue Lagoon which the National Geographic magazine blatantly calls one of the wonders of the world.

That is quite remarkable considering the Blue Lagoon is basically industrial wastewater in fancy packaging. But it has undoubtedly something to do with Nat Geo journalist being invited and wined and dined for days on end.

Truth be told, in spite of what the muddy waters of the Blue Lagoon possibly hide, it is certainly worth going for this is not something you will find anywhere else in this world. Its soothing water really is nice.

That being said, the lagoon, is far from being the nicest geothermal place in Iceland to soak and relax. It is very crowded, very expensive and far from being natural. Unless these qualities make you shiver with excitement you are better off going elsewhere.

Fortunately Iceland has lots of natural pools all over the country. Places that indeed should get the Nat Geo five star treatment but don´t since they do not possess a marketing department of their own.

Listed below are a few famous and easy to get to places where you can take off your clothes and enjoy a NATURAL hot spring in Iceland. This is a superficial list, as team Total Iceland likes to call it as these are too well serviced by most tour operators. We will publish a complete list of all natural pools in Iceland soon so keep checking back.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Bring towels and swimsuit unless you´d like to bathe commando style. That is not forbidden but some fellow travellers won´t like it[/blockquote]

Hveravellir > This stunning natural area is a must-see for any traveller to Iceland. Located in the highlands with unbelievable sights and a landscape not really of this earth. Here also is one of the finest natural pools in the country. Can get bit crowded at times but sooooo worth it. Take Kjalvegur road (F35) which leads you straight there but only passable over summertime for smaller cars. Also daily bus trips from Reykjavik bus station.

Hengill > The Hengil area is part of the Reykjanes peninsula which is more or less boiling with energy. A very fine, if too crowded nowadays, natural spring river is found in Klambragil in the Hengil area. Guided trips are available but who wants to enjoy a soak in natural pool filled with people? Either take road 569, a dirt road, off the Hellisheidi highway and drive through until you locate two small peaks together. From there on a short walk to the pool. Also possible is to drive through Hveragerdi town and walk from there. A very nice trek uphill for 30 to 50 minutes.

Landmannalaugar > Another unique place in this world is the Landmannalaugar area in the highlands. This used to be heaven on earth but massive influx of tourist have ruined that experience. That and the tremendous attraction this place has for Hollywood stars. Once upon a time there was this unwritten rule amongst Icelanders that no one entered the lovely water unless naked. Foreign tourists started to complain soon after and nowadays everyone hides as much skin as possible. Also daily trips from Reykjavik to and from to here.

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