Happy as happy can be. Icelanders mostly find happiness in pill form. PIC billygraham.org

Happy as happy can be. Icelanders mostly find happiness in pill form. PIC billygraham.org

T oday´s media leaves much to be desired. We are bombarded with all kinds of quack information purporting quick fixes to make our lives better, healthier and richer too. All while we are getting worse, sicker and poorer too. One famous example is the extreme happiness of the people of Iceland.

You may have come across news about this phenomenon. People living in Iceland are either the most happy persons on the planet or in some years take second place to folks in Switzerland. Truly an envious place to be as we all strive for happiness in one form or another.

Now, this list is apparently pretty serious stuff. Compiled by professors and whatnot on behalf of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Which is a fancy name for a totally unnecessary UN institution paid for by all of humankind.

Be that as it may.

The results are based on a questionnaire where folks answer all kinds of questions about life and the hereafter. Well, not the hereafter, but you get our drift.

Now imagine, you were to do a poll among potheads high on drugs high up in the mountains of Colorado, asking some questions about life and happiness. Most would probably describe everything as being seriously hunky-dory and then some. At least if the pot in question is of any quality.

Sounds crazy right?

Well, that is pretty much the secret to the happiness of the Icelanders. You see, what the UN survey does not take into account at all is the fact that half of the population of Iceland is on anti-depressant drugs! Over ten percent of those on daily doses of the stuff.

So, the secret´s out. Naturally we feel happy as hell since drugs are depressing much or all of the negative stuff we have to endure on a daily basis. So you don´t necessarily have to live here to be happy. Anti-depressants can be bought most anywhere. As in Switzerland where the use of anti-depressants have risen thousand fold in the last ten years according to local statistic.

What we´re basically saying is don´t believe everything you read 🙂

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