The Secret Solstice concert last summer was a success. Now, there´s a repeat. PIC Secret Solstace

The Secret Solstice concert last summer was a success. Now, there´s a repeat. PIC Secret Solstace

Up until recently the biggest summertime event on the concert calender in Iceland was some old-school, has-been pop star squeezing the last juice from former glory. We´re talking “huge” names like Cindy Lauper and Paul Young thrilling the crowds to no end. Or at least the few hundred attending.

But mercy be upon us. Now it seems at least a couple of rather worthwhile concert festivals are really taking hold and by that we mean popular enough to repeat a year later. While small in the world sense of concert festivals both offer pretty nice musicians, pretty grand ambiance and the amazing Icelandic summer weather. Well, scratch the last one. Summer weather can well be something dramatically remove from amazing on occasion.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]Should be pretty fun[/blockquote]

Be that as it may. Secret Solstice is the name of a festival taking place smack in the middle of Reykjavik city in June. Last years festival went pretty well and the Laugardalur valley a great venue for music lovers. This years line-up include Wu Tang and Kelis among a great number of local stars. Should be pretty fun. This takes place in middle of June. More info found here.

ATP Iceland stands for All Tomorrow´s Parties and this festival takes place at an old NATO base called Asbru not far from the town of Keflavik which incidentally is also the location of our international airport. Thus, you´ll have absolutely no trouble finding this place. Just follow the sound.

Some good numbers will show up here too. Iggy Pop is a classic and few have forgotten Public Enemy along with local stars. This also promises to be good the number and takes place in the beginning of July. All further info here.

Of course, there is also the semi-famous Iceland Airwaves music festival held in October too if you cannot get enough of Iceland and music. But that´s another story.

In the meantime you would be wise to book accommodation a.s.a.p. as tourists are flocking here in record numbers this summer.

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