Inside Iceland´s only international airport in Keflavik. Expensive and small with very limited selection of stores. And that is just the beginning of the negative things about this supposedly best airport in Europe. PIC jonathanpercy

The only international airport in the whole of Iceland is Keflavik airport, commonly referred to as Reykjavik airport, is supposedly voted as the very best airport for its size in Europe year after year.

Beside the fact that the airport sits almost on top of the giant live tectonic rift making up the Reykjanes area as a whole there are some issues inconsistent with being the best airport.

First off, the airport is 40 to 50 minutes away from Reykjavik by car which is the only possible route to and fro. Those expecting Reykjavik airport to be in Reykjavik will be disappointed.

Another thing is that people arriving or leaving the airport by bus should not expect them to wait right outside the doors. No sir. You will have to walk a few hundred meters to the bus area from the airport exits. Which is not a problem if in Montego Bay but in Iceland where wind is almost constant and you can count the relatively still days on the fingers on your hand this is a great inconvenience. Our advise is to dress very warmly exiting the airport should you not be arriving in high summertime.

We have all heard about the internet. For internet pleasure in Keflavik airport you will have to dish out some 490 kronas for the privilege for an hour.