In spite of everything it is still nice to be an Icelander. PIC Cocoabiscuit

In spite of everything it is still nice to be an Icelander. PIC Cocoabiscuit

Yes, we know what you think about us Northern hillbillies up here on this windswept rock in the middle of the cold Atlantic.

We believe in elves, trolls, ogres, fairies, ghosts  and whatnot. We speak a fabulously ridiculous old viking language. We are so ignorant we got taken for a horrible ride to economic ruin by just seven people and those same people still control vast amounts of money and more or less own the local media. We are greedy fucks too, as evidenced by approximately 800 per cent growth in tourist companies in two years while not putting a penny into saving any of our most stunning natural wonders from ruin. And yes, we voted in the very same people responsible for the ruin of this nation only five years ago…


We are also immensely nice to visit and we live on the absolutely most fantastic piece of earth in the whole wide world and in spite of everything we have it pretty damn nice. We have almost free warmth from the ground, electricity bills are a local joke, we are so optimistic we are actually growing wheat, bananas and apples in our greenhouses and we certainly top the world rankings for fewest people making the most pop stars.

And there is another thing you had no idea about. We can rap too…

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